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Why Choose Unirack Mobile Shelving?

  • Uses less floorspace but still yields the same storage space
  • Full sized or low-profile mobile shelving options available
  • Provides a highly versatile solution

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Make the most of your expensive office floor space by using mobile shelving for your document storage and archiving.

Whether in a warehouse, factory, or busy office, floor space per square foot is an expensive item. When it comes to office document storage and archiving, the floor space being used up by rack upon rack of paperwork, box files or CD’s earns you absolutely nothing. In many cases, legal documents, company trading records, and staff details have to be stored for years on end. Mobile shelving could be the way to significantly reduce the space needed, or greatly increase your available document storage space.

Libraries, local authorities, public buildings, and the commercial office complexes associated with big business all have one thing in common. They need to be able to archive massive amounts of paperwork, documents, CD’s and DVD’s.

Years ago document folders were stored in filing cabinets and box files on bookcase type shelving. Marked and coded, staff could walk along the aisle and pick out the folder required. Then along came the computer, digital storage on floppy discs was going to be the in thing, and the ‘paperless’ office was around the corner. Of course, we’re still waiting.

Although the majority of documents are now stored digitally, all those shiny round discs still have to be catalogued, coded and stored while remaining easily accessible to staff when required. For a national or international company that requires floor space – and lots of it.

Mobile shelving almost halves the floor space required for your current storage

The problem arises because for every fixed aisle, you need a walkway for staff to be able to access the records. For four fixed aisles, that’s four gaps which, most of the time, are doing nothing. Using mobile shelving those four aisles can be pushed together. Retaining the end ‘walkway’, the aisles can be moved back to gain access to the aisle required. The space required for storage is almost halved.

If on the other hand, you need to increase storage space, rather than decrease floor space, incorporating a mobile shelving system with extra aisles added, will almost double your current storage capacity using the same amount of floor space.

Unirack mobile shelving, using the patented modular design of the Unirack range, gives a large number of alternatives for what you want your mobile shelving systems for. Do you want mobile commercial shelving? What do you want to store? What type of shelving do you require? How wide, long, and high do you want each module? And how do you want it to operate, manually or electrically?

Using the Unirack mobile shelving systems, maximum use of space between floor and ceiling can be utilised in conjunction with allotted floor space. Should you have available space for three metre high aisles, five rung (2000mm), seven rung (2500mm), and nine rung (3000mm) mobile ladders are available to reach the topmost shelving.

If you operate from warehouse premises with high ceilings, as with the rest of Unirack’s systems, mobile shelving can be installed on two levels utilising Unirack’s USM-USB suspended walkway and staircase system.

Mobile shelving aisles can be fitted with sliding lockable doors if required for personal or classified documents. Operating a manual mobile shelving system is simplicity itself. Each aisle has a round wheel at waste height which can be easily turned with one hand to move the rack to its parking space.

When you order a mobile shelving system from Unirack Shelving, you’re not buying off the shelf. You will be booking a bespoke mobile storage unit designed to your specific requirements. The unit size, number of shelves, type of shelving, operating technique, and the plethora of other options and additions available to you will be explained by our staff.

Unirack mobile shelving and document storage systems are the best and most cost effective systems on the market today. Compare us with others. We offer a supply only, or supply and fix service, fast delivery anywhere in the UK, and staff who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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