2-Tier Unirack Benefits

2-Tier Unirack Benefits

Do you require an economic shelving installation for your warehouse, retail or other industrial space, but don’t have a lot of free space to use? We know that floor space comes at a premium these days, so a 2-Tier Unirack Shelving System could be for you! Using a 2-Tier system rather than single tier shelving can nearly double the amount of shelving space you have available, whilst still using the same amount of floor space of a single tier system.

Over the years, we have completed 2-Tier Unirack installations for some of the UK’s most well-known companies and brands, allowing to keep hold of their current space longer, whilst still being able to grow their operation thanks to the vast storage space they have!

Why not give us a call on 0115 939 7572 today and speak to one of our shelving specialists? In the meantime, here are some images of recent installations:

2-Tier Unirack 2-tier shelving installation 2-Tier Unirack Shelving 2-Tier Shelving Install

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